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Business Stage:

Pilot Projects

About the Startup

Akila Labs is an NYC-based startup committed to developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies to address vexing problems in the delivery of care for chronic diseases, health, fitness, and wellness.

What makes us unique?

The confluence of readily available medical & genetics data, live data stream from IoT (wearable devices, biosensors, activity trackers), combined with ubiquitous smartphone usage, cloud infrastructure, and increased digital literacy makes the time ripe for an AI application.
Diabetes is preventable with the right intervention, but these are expensive and require trained health coaches. The problem needs a digital solution to provide these services affordably. Akila can learn, predict, recommend, and coach patients around the world and help them reverse Prediabetes!

Go-to-market plan:

The Go to Market strategy for Akila is via a clinical route, through research, rather than finding clinical validation after the product is in the market. The approach to the research has been validated by the Mt. Sinai trial and a similar IRB pilot is underway at Weill Cornell Medical.
Akila is treating Prediabetes with all the seriousness that a fully staffed Diabetes Prevention Program does. A ground-up approach has been used with technology and clinical sciences to build the platform that has been tested using clinical protocols and ready for commercial launch!


Clinical & Commercial Pilots:
– Underway at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York
– Clinical pilot approved at Weill Cornell Hospital, New York
– Commercial pilots being planned in US, Australia and Netherlands

Management Team:

Lakshmi Anantharamu, PhD. Founder, President & CTO is a Computer scientist & researcher, with real world experience building Algorithmic based complex enterprise and direct to consumer digital products.
Prakash Hosalli, MBA, Co-Founder & CEO is a Creative, Entrepreneurial leader with more than 20 years spent building digital products and driving enterprise technology transformation.
Sankar Subramanian, COO –Healthcare leader with 25+ years of leadership experience delivering transformational changes for organizations across healthcare verticals.


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