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Business Stage:


About the Startup

Amygdala is a digital health program for chronic diseases powered by behavioral science. Amygdala provides changes in habits such as activity levels, bad diet or not taking medicines.

What makes us unique?

We use a Noble prize-winning approach adopting behavioural science to help users create healthy habits. As humans have many behavioural biases (e.g, status quo, present bias) our scientific approach allows users to achieve healthy behaviour changes therefore creating healthy habits. Amygdalas health solution enables companies investing in corporate health solutions to achieve an ROI of 6 to 1, when focused on delivering solutions for employees with high health risks, as well as yielding an ROI of 3 to 1 for employees who pose medium health risks.

Go-to-market plan:

Our go-to-market plan is first to offer our solution to occupational health companies as they already have a network of corporate clients. Furthermore, we plan to offer our product to heart organizations and associations.


We already have 240 users and are in business development talks to offer to corporate clients.

Management Team:

Hana Cosic: CEO, PhD in Behavioural Economics, has 10 years of experience in academia and healthtech startup development.

Kenan Berbic: CTO, software developer, BSc-Computer Science, over 10 years of software development experience, last 4 senior system architect.

Ajla Cosic: CMO, PhD in Management, 10 years of experience in academia, startup development and policy making.



We are seeking an investment of €300k to enhance our growth. Also, we are looking for corporate partnerships to offer our solution to other companies and their employees.


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