Enhanced Fertility Programme

Andreia Trigo

About Enhanced Fertility Programme









Business Stage:


About the Startup

The Enhanced Fertility Programme is an exciting and revolutionary digital programme, making fertility education, support and care accessible to all patients worldwide.

What makes us unique?

Our technology uses AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to assist both physicians and patients in:
– Rapidly detecting fertility risk factors, speeding time to diagnosis.
– Delivering personalised information and treatment recommendations.
– And making global patient treatment pathways accessible to all.



Go-to-market plan:

Dual approach to go-to-market, initially focusing on B2C growth on a freemium model, encouraging patient app downloads and engagement. Alongside it, strong B2B strategy to approach fertility clinics, on a subscription model with a one month free trial.


Over the last 3 months:
– 600+ downloads, presence in 35 countries, with 62% of users staying in the app for more than 5 minutes at a time.
– 5 clinics became customers after the one month free trial (100% conversion rate). Another 10 clinic in the pipeline.
– Fertility Risk Detection Tool has been validated during this time, with 200+ patient assessments done.

Awards received:
– Best innovation in business (2018 by Chambers of Commerce)
– E-business of the year (2018 by Chambers of Commerce)
– Best fertility support program UK (2020 by Lux Life Parent & Baby)
– Women’s Health Tech Innovation of the Year (2020 by Giant Health)

Management Team:

Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc – CEO
Frank Sullivan – CTO
Jayne Chace – Board Advisor

Beatriz Trigo BSc MSc – Psychologist & Researcher
Davood Roshan PhD – Bio Statistician & Developer
Mona Isazad PhD – Data Scientist & Researcher
Marcela Fanti BA MA – Marketing Manager


We are seeking to raise ​£750,000 equity investment in 2 tranches​. We are also pursuing match funding options and R&D grants to complement our financing mix. Qualifying UK investors will receive 30% tax relief through the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

● Intellectual Property​ – if we are required by law to register as a medical device in order to deliver fertility diagnostics and analytics, we must protect our IP.
● Sales & Marketing​ – to rapidly grow our patient population and ‘industrialise’ our B2B sales process by hiring key staff with knowledge of local territories and recruit new partners.
● Product Enhancement​ – we will need deep technical integrations for our Healthcare Providers Portal and embed our software within clinical practices.
● Regional Expansion​ – we need to translate/localise our content, and ensure that we can enter new markets in Europe, the USA and Rest of World quickly.


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