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Business Stage:


About the Startup

Kapsule enables large pharmaceutical companies and NGOs to safely sell and distribute medicines across the world irrespective of the destination.

What makes us unique?

For pharmaceutical companies: we enable them to track, monitor and update their product information by in real time using live environmental data. In addition we build a full map of the supply chain in emerging markets to provide accurate demand forecasting and market data (for which there is currently no reliable data source).

For NGOs we ensure that the medicines that their donors pay for are getting to the right people in a timely manner and the medicines are arriving at the right level of quality.

Go-to-market plan:

We have a land and expand strategy where we sell a single ‘module’ to a pharmaceutical company or NGO. We then deliver ROI from that module in parallel we upsell adjacent services.

Example: We sell a tracking service to a NGO to track their donated medicines to remote locations in Africa. This gives them assurance that the money spent by their donors is being appropriately used. We then upsell by providing environmental monitoring to ensure that the medicines don’t lose quality during transit by not being kept in the right conditions.


We have received a Letter of Intent from MSD.
Finalists in a bid to GSK Vaccines for a real-world bid where we outcompeted 28 other firms, including public companies.
We are in sales discussions with GSK Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer as well as a leading NGOs i+Solutions and the Clinton Foundation.

Management Team:

David Chen – Co-CEO (Business) – 6+ Years experience in Business Development to Pharmaceutical companies (deal size £250k – £5m)

Hannan Hashmi – Co-CEO (Operations) – Medical, Legal, and Machine learning background. Product Lead and multisite operations expert.

Vinesh Pramlall – Chief Strategist – 20+ years of pharmaceutical executive experience. Former Director and Head Sub-Sahara for Eli Lilly. MBA in pharmaceutical innovation.

Femi Amoo – CTO – 6+ Years of Enterprise software development, cybersecurity and blockchain expert. (Ex Bank of America, AXA insurance, Merck Serono, BT)

Chia Ying-Tsai – Chief Design Officer – 6+ years of experience in graphic design, Service design, UX/UI Design. Experienced in NHS projects, software, hardware and service businesses.



Investment – All of our progress so far has been predominately bootstrapped so we’d like to hire the founding team full-time.

Partnerships – Pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, International wholesalers, Health Ministries


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