Luci Health

Enrique Fernández & Cristina Santini

About Luci Health









Business Stage:


About the Startup

Luci Health is a software service, that through voice-based interaction with the user, helps health professionals and individuals to detect and monitor early-stage symptoms of dementia.

What makes us unique?

30% reduction of consultancy time.
Increased patient engagement.
More than 13x collection of data than current methodology.
6% cost reduction in clinical trials.
More capacity to reach and follow patients without mobility (telemonitoring).

Go-to-market plan:

Focus on validation in clinics while starting B2C sells.
After clinical validation, apply for CE as medical device class I and start customer acquisition in B2B sales.


Closed beta test in January with +50 users
Consortium signed with 2 Korea companies.
Letter of intent from hospital in Barcelona and Seoul.
Letter of intent from elderly home in Sweden, part of KTH.

Management Team:

Enrique Fernández – CEO/CTO, founder.
Biomedical engineering and co-founder of 3 start-ups.

Cristina Santini – COO, co-founder.
Experience in quality management and 2 MSc on biotechnology and biomedicine.

Adam Skali – CMO.
Experience in SEO and former start-up founder.



Seeking investment for further technical and clinical development.
Seeking partnership to perform clinical trials.


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