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Business Stage:


About the Startup

ShareMed is a global and exclusive App for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange between health professionals.

What makes us unique?

Global communications between validated Health Professionals (Seeker & Helper) through chat, call, video call and streaming (video surgery | ShareBox) in real-time.
Reducing time and improving accuracy when the patient requires assessments from other specialties, facilitating the communications between health professionals in more than 70 sub-specialties worldwide.
With a focus on sub-development and emerging countries.

Go-to-market plan:

We have our MVP, a WebApp at with only the chat HelpOut functionalities and STRIPE platform integration, fully operational.

The others channels (call, videocall and videosurgery with the ShareBox) and the institutional memberships will be developed in the Final Product (Native Apps).

Whilst we are planning our final product (iOS and Android app) we are going to address our market efforts to get users in LaTam. We expect to reach at least 1500 users by Dec 2021.

Our buyer’s personas are:

-Post-grad students: residents of any specialties of 70 (as our primary Seekers)

-Staff: health professional with less than 10 years experience.

-Expert: health professionals with more than 10 years (as our primary group of Helpers).

We built a marketing plan based on 4 elements:

(1) Evangelist Program: We have 7 doctors (one for each main medical specialty registered in ShareMed) with a wide professional network and a strong sense of personal branding, acting as “recruiters” whilst actively inviting new users to the platform.

(2) Academic Program: Health Professional with academic activity (university professors or residents in charge of their workplace). They will invite their students and residents to join ShareMed and address their questions through the platform.

(3) Inbound Marketing:

-HelpOut for Venezuela campaign: to invite Venezuelan doctors around the world, to build a knowledge exchange community with colleagues who are in Venezuela, aiding the difficult health care situation in the country due to the massive exodus of health professionals.

-Social media campaign: Using LinkedIn, FaceBook and Instagram to promote ShareMed.

(4) Outbound Marketing:

Visiting Hospitals (starting in Chile) to promote ShareMed.

To utilise the founders professional network.


Since we launched our MVP (January 2021) we have had a monthly growth greater than 200%.

37 HelpOuts have been successfully carried out, involving 74 health professionals. That means 37 Seekers asked for help and 37 Helpers specialists answer in real-time communication by chat.

We have received positive feedback from many satisfied health professionals, which are expecting the launch of more functionalities.

Our top five countries are Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and the US.

Our top five specialties are Surgery, Medicine, OB/GYN, Radiology and Anesthesiology.

Management Team:

CEO | Alejandra Parilli MD, Pediatric surgeon with over 10 years of experience as a health entrepreneur, founder of 2 startups.
COO | José Gregorio Mejías, MD, General surgeon specialists in Minimall Invasive Surgery (MIS) with over 15 years experience.



INVESTMENT: Seed round: we are looking for $500K as a convertible note to finish testing our MVP and start the development our Final Product in the first year.
PARTNERSHIP: we are looking for partners who have access to LaTam and African health professionals (Seekers); and Europe/US health professionals (Helpers).


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