Event Agenda

15.00: Welcome & Kick-Off by Fleur Engelberts, Managing Director of HealthInc

15.10: It’s time to pitch!

16.35: Time to connect with Startups – Breakout Rooms

Meet our startups

ZeusCare is making the transformation from paper to digital health possible. By changing the way medicines are prescribed they make the the process of getting your prescription at the pharmacy smoother and quicker.

Our mission is to enable people affected by dementia to access non-pharmacological treatments (NPTs) digitally. We are incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in New York.

Qlear Analytics is increasing the speed and accuracy of early detection and diagnosis in breast cancer by providing pathologists with a clinical-grade, AI-powered software, QlearPath, that identifies potential 3D areas of interest in tissue pathology specimens. Founded in 2021, Qlear Analytics is an early-stage software as a medical device (SaMD) startup led by founder and CEO, Elif Alpoge, an expert in 3D histopathology. QlearPath will apply for Class C and Class II SaMD IVD approvals. Applications in Anatomic Pathology, Cancer Diagnostics, Complimentary Diagnostics, Biomarker Discovery, Drug-Discovery, etc.

newGenia is an early-stage start-up based in Sweden. Our goal is to bring AI-powered Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) computational analysis directly to clinicians. We are building an INTELLIGENT cloud-based Decision Support System for CLINICIANS to help them make decisions for patients’ treatment, better and faster.

Neurotops Isn’t Simply a New Way of Working on Your Challenges!

It’s better in every way. Faster contact with psychotherapists, yet dramatically easier than ever before. More ways to work on your phobias with A.I training, but remarkably affordable. It is a virtual reality platform designed with the end-user in mind, which provides an anonymous, secure and low-cost solution to the current mental health crisis.

Neo Childcare is a digital child health company helping moms seamlessly access the health information, advice and services they need to raise healthy children.

Web and Mobile based application with AI-powered analytics to enable the Healthcare provider to take a detailed history and focused physical examination of the patient at home. Ability to send digital stethoscope signals for chest and heart sounds with ECG recordings if required. These are sent to the doctor at the emergency post who assesses the information and then concludes the consultation with a video call with the patient at home.

We are democratising Personalised Health by bringing a combination of three unique tests; Gut Microbiome, Blood and DNA in a simple to use home-test kit. Our proprietary AI will provide easy-to-read results and Personalised actionable nutrition, supplementation & exercise recommendations. Our subscription model ensures all recommendations are dynamic and always backed by the latest research.

Gleeworld is a telepharmacy and medication delivery platform users can refill their prescriptions automatically, access telepharmacy consultations with pharmacists and have their affordable medicines delivered to their doorstep from the comfort of their homes using AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics technologies.

Because the journey to fatherhood is perceived by most men as a space odyssey into the unknown, we have built GeminiLab, a tribute to the famous NASA space program, to assist you in this epic adventure.

GeminiLab allows men to receive clinically approved sperm health reports in the comfort of their home and privacy. We also offer the freezing option if they like to secure their fatherhood plans. Besides, we provide online doctor counseling in different subjects of fertility health and parenting plans including female fertility as well.

DanAid is a Micro-Health Insurance providing optimized health plans for the millions of uninsured families across Africa. We offer a mobile platform where individuals, families and businesses can select health plans at prices they can afford to pay.

CureAssist is a digital therapeutics platform that uses data to create smart, personalised care plans across nutrition, physical & mental wellness for diabetic patients.

Bloodport is the digital health platform integrating and aggregating the blood banks, hospitals, blood donors and patients into the transfusion medicine ecosystem.

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